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* Opening song from Music Blog.Dihamu Amang dohot inang Soripada,ianggo blog musicta on ndang sidung dope,alana ahu Sinta lg ujian do.sabar jolo da
1.O Tano Batak
2.Gondang Mula-Mula
This batak traditions song must be introduced to everyone. All of the batak MP3 song free for you. Feel free download this batak MP3 song Possibly you did not know the meaning of this batak song lyrics, but the soul of batak MP3 song will explain the lyric for you. This was one of the methods of conserving the customs and batak traditions.

Pop Batak Millenium1

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Musicta, Protap is a Blog which always appear with the nuance of the music, mp3, midi, ringtones from the Batak-Tapanuli.and part of the region have.Musicta this is just a blog, but I want you only have a spirit that makes us remember this is the area Tapanuli, are now up for provinsi.Horas
1 Trio Lamtama - Bulani Do Paboahon Download
2 Trio Lamtama - Buni Di Ate-ate Download
3 Trio Lamtama - Kejam Nai Ho Ito Download
4 Trio Lamtama - Dang Level Mu Au Ito Download
5 Trio Lamtama - Holan Ongkos Mu Do Download
6 Trio Lamtama - Kejam Nai Ho Ito Download
7 Trio Santana - Andung Anak Buha Baju
8 Trio Santana - Sinamot Download
9 Trio Santana - Sihol Manjou Ompung Download
10 Trio Santana - Sabar Do Au Download
11 Trio Santana - Parjujion Download
12 Trio Santana - Molo Marokkap Download
13 Trio Santana - Marnipi Au Download
14 Trio Santana - Jalang Ma Tanganhon Download
15 Trio Santana - Goar Na Sinulam Download
16 Trio Santana - Au Nalilu Download
17 Viky Sianipar - Mauliate
18 Viky Sianipar - Sugari (feat Tongam Sirait) Download
19 Viky Sianipar - Come To Lake Toba (feat Tongam Sirait) Download
20 Viky Sianipar - Tapature Download
21 Viky Sianipar - Ingot Ma Download
22 Viky Sianipar - Nommensen Download
23 Viky Sianipar - Mengkel Na Ma Ahu Download
24 Trio Lamtama - Alani Pogos.mp3
25 Jack Marpaung - Sai Horas Jala Gabe Download
26 Jack Marpaung - Anak Siparbagaon Download
27 Jack Marpaung - Unang Ma Tangishon Download
28 Rita Butar Butar - Hatamido Na Huingot Download
29 Siska Sianturi & Charles Sihombing - Dung Marsirang Download
30 Trio Santana - Horas Download
31 Charles Simbolon & Joel Simorangkir - Tor tor Dangdut Download
32 Rita Butar Butar & Joel Simorangkir - Burjumi Download
33 Trio Lamtama - Bessa Siantar Download
34 Martha Hutagaol & Trio Maduma - Dang Alani Parsirangan
35 Amang Jaksa Download
36 Asa Tung Sombu Ma Roham Download
37 Holong Natarhirim Download
38 Sabar Do Au Download
39 Rita Butar Butar - Ale Amang
40 Trio Lamtama - Jamila Download
41 Julius Sitanggang - Tung So Huloas Marsak Download
42 Victor Hutabarat - Boto Lungun
43 Martha Hutagaol & Trio Maduma - Didia Rokkappi Download
44 Borit Do Begeion Hatami
45 Burju Download
46 Boru Panggoaran Download
47 Gok Dosa Do Au Download
48 Anak Terminal Download
49 Anak Medan Download
50 Sada Ma Hita Nadua Download

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